Senior Software Engineer

Boston, MA


Sandbox is looking for an exceptional software engineer who wants to reshape how software is built and distributed to financial institutions (FIs).  We have growing revenue, are backed by Y Combinator (W17), and have raised seed capital. 



Sandbox is an application store for banks—it provides a better way for institutions to discover, integrate, and deploy new fintech software.

Distributing new software to FIs has historically been a long and painful process because of data security and system integration concerns.  These are chicken-and-egg problems:

1.      FIs won’t share sensitive data with an untrusted vendor, but a vendor can’t prove effectiveness without it.

2.      FIs won’t adopt new technology without proof it integrates with existing systems, but a vendor can’t prove integration without access.

Sandbox eliminates these concerns by providing standardized API access and isolated software deployment in banks.  When bankers deploy applications, they choose which flavors (mock, anonymized, test, or production) of systems/data the software can access.  Sandbox empowers bankers to evaluate software without up-front due diligence and deploy to production without re-integration.  It allows vendors to focus on their core products instead of integration code and provides them a distribution channel.



As a foundational engineer on a small team, this individual will be asked to wear various hats.  They must:

-        Architect and implement a secure Docker deployment system with unique networking and authentication requirements

-        Hack archaic banking systems and integrate our standard banking API into them

-        Deliver functionality on time with impeccable quality in any part of the stack

-        Speak with clients or potential clients to:

o   Provide prompt technical support or answer questions

o   Gather requirements and product feedback

o   Ensure Sandbox adds the value promised to customers

-        Design and implement our engineering practices around:

o   Internal knowledge-bases and software documentation

o   Change management and testing

o   New hire on-boarding

-        Mentor junior employees

-        Perform AWS-based sysadmin work as necessary

-        Identify and vocalize problems as they arise, especially in regards to data security

-        Always act in a manner aligned with our high ethical standards



We’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades who is a master of at least one particular technology stack.  Experienced and talented developers learn new technologies quickly, so we’re not obsessed with which particular languages and frameworks the applicant knows on day one.   However, they must possess:

-        Minimum professional experience of 4 years

-        Ability to work from downtown Boston, MA

-        Legal authorization to work in the United States

-        Fanatical passion for delivering the best possible product to users

-        Ability to prioritize which problems to solve to maximize the rate of value creation, and discipline to act accordingly

-        Willingness to reprioritize work as product hypotheses and requirements change

-        Understanding of software design patterns, unit testing, object-oriented language principles, functional language principles, networking, operating systems, and database architecture

-        Self-motivation to learn new technologies and sufficient wisdom to appropriately apply them

-        Obsession with code quality, design patterns, documentation, testing, and other aspects of software engineering that empower teams to maintain high productivity over time

-        Ability and willingness to clearly communicate using both speech and writing

-        Team-first attitude coupled with an unrelenting desire to win

Experience in the following areas will be considered a bonus:

-        Financial services programming (especially for banks or vendors)

-        Early-stage startup founding or scaling

-        SaaS product development

-        Information security and regulatory compliance

-        Python, Javascript, C#, Java, Django, Postgres, front-end JS frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Vue), Linux containers, Kubernetes, software-defined networks, and AWS



Salary will be competitive for our stage of company and tailored to the experience of the employee, with an option package that provides significant upside.  It’s important to us that our early employees win if the company succeeds.


Next Steps

Please email resumes, CVs, and other relevant materials to along with a brief description of why you’re interested in the role.